Yoga Health Townsville is open all public holidays except Christmas and New Year. Closed 24th December to 1st Jan, Open on the 2nd January.

Yoga Health is Townville's largest professional yoga centre.
Our teachers are all qualified and focus on a balanced approach, with personality, to the one thing they all love : Yoga.

Yoga Health is also part of a community of yoga teachers across the city and actively supports finding the right yoga for you.

Our classes range in difficulty and type so please read our class descriptions if you have more specific needs.
Click here to download a printable copy of our class descriptions.

In general, all but the Advanced class can be attended on a drop in basis. The Advanced class is for those students who have worked through and up to the General + classes and who have developed a good foundation which will allow them to work safely and not be lost with its challenges. If you are in doubt about the suitability of any of our classes please email us using one of the links over on the right under contacts.


~ The divine in me respects the divine within you ~