Level 1 - Easy Yoga

Easy Yoga

This level is suitable for everyone. It is a gentle class that is relaxing and very helpful if you are stressed or are unfit and are looking to work on your fitness and strength. Easy yoga is suitable for pregnant women and also for the over 60’s. If you are an absolute beginner and cannot attend the beginner’s course this is a good class to do. No experience is required to attend this class.

Easy Yoga (Chair)

This class is the perfect place to start if your balance needs work, or you find it difficult to do regular exercise. We will start seated on a chair, first we do a deep breathing practice (pranayama) belly breathing then we will warm up with some gentle movement, then we stretch the body while seated. Then we stand up holding the chair for support while we do some modified Yoga poses. At the end of the class we lay down on the floor and do some more gentle stretching and some abdominal strengthen. We finish in relaxation (Savasana). 
This is a class designed for people with difficulties in balance and for the over 60’s who need to get stronger.

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