Tracey Uber Cook

Tracey Uber Cook Tracey Uber Cook

A Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master for over ten years, Tracey began her yogic journey in the Indian Himalayas, studying yogic practice and philosophy with several swamis and receiving her original teacher training at the Sivananda Kutir in Netala, India. 

She lived and studied yoga and reiki in India for 5 years before moving to Thailand, where she lived for 11 years on a small island and shared the practice of yoga in its many beautiful forms as a senior teacher at Shambhala Yoga Centre in Koh Tao.  Tracey has been blessed to be able travel the world, sharing the practice and philosophy of yoga through workshops and retreats in Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. She now lives with her family in Townsville, Australia.

As a Yoga Teacher Trainer with Esther Ekhart and Akhanda Yoga Australia, Tracey specialises in teaching pranayama, meditation, philosophy and transformational experiences. Along with Radha Rani Bradley from Akhanda Yoga Australia, Tracey has also developed the Mindful Seeds certification programme for Teachers of Children’s Yoga and is a member of the Yoga Tools For Schools committee here in Townsville.

Tracey’s sharing of the ancient practice of yoga encourages students to lovingly dissolve physical, emotional, and energetic barriers to reveal the clarity, peace, and the sweet magnificence of life that is always within us. Her strong yet playful teaching style is anchored in the ancient traditions of hatha yoga, yoga nidra, tantric and vedantic philosophies, as well as guided pranic awareness and movement, and drawing from the rich and subtle healing qualities of the natural elements around us.

Gratitude and inspiration for Tracey’s sharing arises from her yoga community and all teachers throughout her journey, including Sri Swami Sivananda, Sri Swami Vishnudevananda, and especially from Clive Sheridan. Of course, the deepest reverence and gratitude arises from the greatest teacher of all: the gift of Life.

Namaste~ The divine in me respects the divine within you ~